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Currently we are only serving the Crestone/Baca area.

We provide many of the services that are available in a regular clinic. Our standard mobile services include:

  • Examinations and consultations
  • Vaccinations for both cats and dogs
  • Health certificates
  • Basic nutritional consulting and information
  • Neutering cats
  • Minor wound and abscess treatment
  • Follow-up care after surgery or other procedures
  • Geriatric care for older animals
  • In-home euthanasia

While mobile care with Crestone Mobile provides many advantages, there are certain procedures that we do not do on a mobile basis such as spaying and other surgeries, dentistry and X-rays.  For these procedures it will be necessary to go to a clinic in town.

Patients may also be referred to a specialist if needed. 

Testimonials for
Dr. Behrns

"Thank you for your time and kindness. We are fortunate to have you and your services available to us and our pets."

-Lindsey, Aurora

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